We care about our health as well as yours, so we use soil-building “Managed Holistic Grazing” techniques which naturally improve the fertility of our pastures. If the soil is missing a vital nutrient, it isn’t ending up in your food either…so nutrient-dense food production starts from the ground up – literally!

All of our animals are born, raised & live only on pasture. Our sheep eat the diet nature intended: grass, forbs & sweet clover as we rotate them from field to field.

No Antibiotics, Hormones or Preservatives: Healthy sheep raised naturally don’t need antibiotics or hormones. We also do not use fertilizers or herbicides on our fields…preferring instead to build up soil life & nutrients with rotational/managed grazing.

More Nutritious: Our flavorful, pasture raised lamb has more of the “good stuff” you want in your diet, such as:
• More Omega-3 Fatty Acid
• More Cancer-Fighting CLA
(Conjugated Linoleic Acid)
• More Vitamin E & Vitamin C
• More Beta-carotene

More Humane & Eco-Friendly: Farm animals benefit when they are kept out of feedlots & allowed to mature on pasture as nature intended. Grass-fed lamb leaves a light carbon footprint.

If you care where your food comes from and you take your own health seriously… consider some delicious and nutritious pasture-raised lamb. You get the added satisfaction of supporting a local family farm while you are at it. Contact us for a pasture-walk or farm tour soon…and get to know YOUR farmer!